Glossary of Chapter 2 Adjectives

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acer, acris, acre
sharpe, bitter, keen, fierce
adulescens, adulescentis
alius, alia, aliud*
other, another, different
alter, altera, alterum
one of two the other, another; second
altus, alta, altum
high, tall; deep (not to be confused with alter)
audax, audacis
bold, daring (derv: audacious)
dissimilis, dissimile
dissimilar, unlike
facilis, facile
easy; slight, little
ferus, fera, ferum
wild, savage
fidelis, fidele
faithful (derv: fidelity)
finitimus, finitima, finitimum
fortis, forte
brave; strong
malus, mala, malum
bad, evil, wicked
meus, mea, meum
my, mine
multus, multa, multum
much; pl. many
neuter, neutra, neutrum
neither (derv: neuter)
niger, nigra, nigrum
noblilis, nobile
paratus, parata, paratum
prepared; equipped, provided
parvus, parva, parvum
small, little
posterus, postera, posterum
following, next (derv: posterity)
potens, potentis
powerful (derv: potent)
primus, prima, primum
first; earliest; foremost
pulcher, pulchra, pulchrum
beautiful, handsome; noble, illustrious (derv: pulchritude)
solus, sola, solum
alone, only, sole
summus, summa, summum
highest; top of, greatest
suus, sua, suum
(reflex.) his, her, its, their; characteristic
tantus, tanta, tantum
so great, so much
tertius, tertia, tertium
third (derv: tertiary)
totus, tot, totum
all, entire, whole, total

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