Glossary of Chapter 21 History

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1st cause of war-
nationalism and territorial rivalries- nat. was strong in the Balkins (in the balkins, they wanted independence and Yugoslavia)
2nd cause of war
imperialism- deisre to control more land
- germany wants to prove itself and fought in a war with france, germany took Alsace and Loraine, all fot he empires are holding onto land
3rd cause of war
militarism- glorification of military strengths. arms race- germany starts and british get mad and build up theirs
4th cause of war
alliances. germany and austria, france adn germany and britain, italy joined A/H and germany
The Spark
A/H annexes bosnia and makes serbs mad. Franz Ferdinand is killed by Princip. A-H declared war on serbia. germany allies A-h, russia allies serbia
allied powers
brit, france, russia, italy later due to land given to them
central powers
germany, a-h, ottoman empire, bulgaria
-wants to maintain empire
-wants more land power etc
-wants Alsace and Loraine back; dont want germany to have power
-wants to remain power; hates germany
-wants Yugoslavia
schleiffen plan
germany wants to cut of britain and france from the rest of europe. belgium gives them a fight
1st battle of marne
allies push the german back 40 miles and caused stalemate

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