Glossary of Chapter 11 Jenney

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animus, -i
m. mind; spirit
arma, armorum
n. pl. arms
auxilium, -i
n. help, aid
auxilia, auxiliorum
n. pl. auxiliary troops, reinforcements
captivus, -i
m. captive
castra, castrorum
n. pl. camp
consilium, consili
n. plan, advice
copia, ae
f. plenty, supply
copia, copiarum
f. pl. forces, troops
fama, ae
f. rumor, report, reputation
fuga, ae
f. flight
impedimentum, -i
n. hindrance
impedimenta, impedimentorum
n. baggage
numerus, -i
m. number; group
proelium, -i
n. battle
signum, -i
n. signal, sign; military standard
tellum, -i
n. weapon

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