Glossary of Chap 2 Geography of the US

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*** is the study of Earth and the way people live on it and use it.
A *** is the large area that has common features that set it apart from other areas.
A *** is a shape on Earth's surface.
The *** *** are our longest mountain range.
Rocky Mountains
An imaginary line in the Rockies that geographers call the *** ***.
Continental Divide
The fast moving waters of the Colorado River carved out the *** ***.
Grand Canyon
Part of the mid west where growing corn is a way of life.
Corn Belt
Major river flowing from the midwest, through the south east to the gulf of Mexico.
Mississippi River
*** is the name geographers have given to the Northeastern cities that run south from Boston, Mass to Washington DC.
A *** is a group of cities that have grown so close together they seem to form one city.
*** means depending on each other to meet needs and wants.

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