Glossary of Ch 5,7 from Evaluating Research in Communicatie Disorders

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5 phases of research
Research concerned with hypothesis development, safety issues and risk factors.
Development of treatment methods and outcomes measures, and pilot studies of potential treatment effects.
Randomized clinical trials for evaluating treatment efficacy.
Post marketing studies of long-term effectiveness and safety of treatmtnet.
Follow-up studies of cost-effectiveness adn consumer satisfaction.
Categories of Design
Pre Experimental
True Experimental
Quasi Experimental
Clinical Trial
use results based on a limited sample to generalize to a population
Counter Balance Design
people get all conditions, Quasi
-refers to results of the procedure applied in everyday practice
-what you expect of a clinical procedure at its best
External Validity
Interaction of pre-testing, selection, reactive arrangements, multiple treatment interference
Internal Validity
history, maturation, testng, instrumentation, statistical regression, selection, mortality, interaction, Hawthorne effect
Introduction Section of Research
Title, Abstract, General Statement of Problem, Rationale, Review of Literature
Misc. Considerations
Definitions of terms, Limitations to the study
One Group Pre, Post Test
G OXO Within group design (still weak design) Only one group, the Pre-test could affect post test - Pre-Experimental
One Shot Case Study
G XO (weak) - Pre-Experimental
Post Test Only Control Group
G1 R XO, G2 R_O, True Experimental
"weak design", subject ot criticism based on internal & external validity
Pre-Test Post-test Control Group Design
G1 ROXO, G2 RO_O. True Experimental
Quasi-Experimental / True Experimental
-Not as strong as experimental, some good in terms of generalizability, baseline- variable-follow up
-Strong Designs. Typically involve random assignment
Seperate Sample Pre-Test Post-Test
G1 R O (X), G2 R _ X O. eliminates pre&post interference
Soloman Four Group
G1 ROXO, G2 RO_O, G3 __XO, G4 __O, True Experimental
Static Group Comparisson
G1 X O
G2 O
Time Series
OOO X OOO, better generalizability. Quasi
Treatment Efficacy Research/Treatment Outcomes Research
proves treatment benefits / identifies treatment benefits

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