Glossary of Ch. 7 2

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appelo, appelare, appellavi, appelatum
I call , I name
convoco, convocare, convocavi, convocatum
I call together, I assemble, I summon
exspecto, exspectare, exspectavi, exspectatum
I await, I wait for
habito, habitare, habitavi, habitatum
i live, i dwell
laboro, laborare, laboravi, laboratum
i labor, i suffer, i am hard pressed
narro, narrare, narravi, narratum
i tell, i relate
nuntio, nuntiare, nuntiavi, nuntiatum
i announce, i report
supero, superare, superavi, superatum
i surpass, i defeat
volo, volare, volavi,volatum
i fly
vulnero, vulnerare, vulneravi, vulneratum
i wound

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