Glossary of Ch. 51 Words

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purus, a, um
spotless, clean, plain white
to assume (i.e. put on for the first time)
invitaverat ut
he had invited (them) to
limen, liminis n.
threshold, doorway
si quis
if anyone
nonnulli, ae, a
oro, are, avi, atus
to beg
ne se demitteret
not to send them away
impero, are, avi, atus + dat.
to order
Lares, Larum m. pl.
household gods
familiaris, is, e
belonging to the family/household
pracipio, praecipere, praecepi, praeceptus + dat.
to intructs, order
demitto, demittere, dimisi, dimissus
to send away
amplector, amplecti, amplexus sum
to embrace
comitor, ari, atus sum
to accompany
erat inscribendum
had to be registered
gratias agere + dat.
to thank
erga prep. + acc.
benevolentia, ae f.

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