Glossary of Ch. 50 Words

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sol, solis m.
serenus, a, um
clear, bright
avis, avis (gen. pl.) avium m./f.
observo, are, avi, atus
to watch, pay attention to
adeo adv.
so much, to such an extent
deditus, a, um
devoted, dedicated
nuper adv.
Hey there!
id quod
that/a thing which
curae esse
to be a cause of anxiety (to)
lucet, lucere, luxit
it is light, it is day; (it) shines
taedet, taedere, taesum est
it bores, makes one (acc.), tired of something (gen.)
Me taedet solitudinis
It tires me of..., I am tired of/bored with...
neglego, neglegere, neglexi, neglectus
to neglect, ignore
oportet, oportere, oportuit
it is fitting; ought
Festinare te oportet
That you hurry is fitting, You ought to hurry.
gens, gentis, (gen. pl.) gentium f.
family, clan
epulae, arum f. pl.
banquet, feast
similis, is, e + dat.
similar (to), like
iuvenis, iuvenis m.
young man
submissus, a, um
quiet, subdued, soft
despondeo, despondere, despondi, desponsus
to betroth, promise in marriage
decet, decere, decuit
it is becoming; fitting; should
Non decet patrem despondere filiam
That a father should betroth his daughter is not fitting; A father should not betroth his daughter.

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