Glossary of Ch. 43 Words

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Campus Martius, i m.
the Plain of Mars on the outskirts of Rome
Neroneus, a, um
of Nero
quo adv.
there, to that place
Quo cum
When... there
pecunia data
with his money having been given, after paying his entrance fee
vestibulum, i n.
entrance passage
exerceo, ere, ui, itus
to excercise, train
calor, caloris m.
haud, adv.
vino sumpto
with wine having been taken, after a drink of wine
contra prep. + acc.
unguo, unguere, unxi, unctus
to anoint, smear with oil
defrico, defricare, defricui, defrictus
to rub down
tergeo, tergere, tersi, tersus
to dry, wipe
cognosco, cognoscere, cognovi, vognitus
to find out, learn
senex, senis m.
old man
calvus, a, um
indutus, a, um
capillatus, a, um
with long hair
follis, follis, (gen. pl.) follium m.
digitus, i, m.
repeto, repetere, repetivi, repetitus
to pick up, recover
concrepo, concrepare, concrepui
to snap (the fingers)

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