Glossary of Ch. 39 Words

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finem recitandi fecit
(he) made an end of reciting, (he) stopped reciting
verbum, i n.
word, verb
idem ac
the same as
sic adv.
thus, in this way
comes, comitis m./f.
Carthago, Carthaginis f.
Carthage (city on the northern coast of Africa)
antequam conj.
Thracia, ae f.
Thrace (country northeast of Greece)
Delos, Deli f.
Delos (small island off the eastern coast of Greece)
Creta, ae f.
Crete (large island southeast of Greece)
nusquam adv.
moneo, ere, ui, itus
to advise, warn
deus, i, (nom. pl.) di, (dat., abl. pl.) dis m.
dormito, are, avi
to be sleepy
conticesco, conicescere, conticui
to be silent
animadverto, animadvertere, animadverti, animadversus
to notice
expergiscor, expergisci, experrectus sum
to wake up
it is important
ferula, ae f.
pareo, ere, ui + dat.
to obey
extendo, extendere, extendi, extentus
to hold out

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