Glossary of Cat Muscles 2

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From Neck to collarbone
Trapzeius par cervilcalis
The neck part of the trapeze
Trapzeius par thoracica
The lower neck part of the trapeze
Latissimus dorsi
Huge muscle under the trapeze
Shoulder to skull
Deltoideus pars acromaialis
The one in the middle
Deltoideus pars scapularis
Farthest from the head
From Clavicle to the arm
Rhombodieus capitis
First string
Rhombodieus cervicis
7th vertebrate up
Rhomboideus Thoracis
7th Vertabrate down
Serratus ventralis cervicis
To Ribs
Serratus Ventralis thoracis
Ribs to scapula
On top of the spine
Below Spine
Teres Major
Below Infra spinatus
Teres Minor
Below Major
Under Scapula
Very front of arm, on the scapula
Pectoralis decendens
String on open arm
Pectoralius transversus
Behind decendens
Pectoralis profundus pars cranialis
Chest Top
Pectoralis profundus pars caudalis
Chest String
Tensor fasciae ante brachii
Flat muscle on top of everything
Biceps Brachii
Above humerus

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