Glossary of Canadian History 2

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Who were the first European settlers of Canada?
the Vikings
Hunted Seal,caribou, and walrus
food and tools were made from animals they hunted
lived in the Arctic
What is a Nomadic hunter?
Crossed into North America over a land bridge at least 12,000 years ago
Who claimed Newfoundland for England?
John Cobot
Who reach the mouth of the mississippiand hen came out into the golf of mexico?
La Salle
He sailed the Hudson river
{Now his last name is called the hudson bay}
Henery Hudson
This French expoler calmied the st.Lawerance lowland for France
Jaques Cartier
This word means that they hunted bufflo to meet their needs?
They were called the Assinboines
who were the first settlers?
the Vikings
who the claimed land in 1535?
the English
in the 1500's they were creating industries?
the French
they supported the government
to form a bigger colony
to be independent or be your own colony
normadic hunters
land bridge 12000 yrs. ago
american settlers
the First Settlers
-did not establish perminant settlement
-from norway,sweeden, and denmark
-italian explorer
-claimed newfoundland for england
john cabot
how did the french get money
sold furs
first European Settlers
landed in 1000 A.D
Norway, Sweden, and Denmark
France traded with the indians for furs
New France
French Name for Canada
Supported the british government
Confederation=a union
-Each colcny became a province in the confederation
More independent then a confederation
first to arrive to north america
nomadic hunters
lived a harsh life, to cold to farm
artic region of canada, resources are scare
inuit people
how did he fench get money
they sold furs
their anceters were nomadic hunters
A colonist who was loyal to the British Government.
A uniting or being united in a league or alliance.
To rule or control by superior power or influence.
An official or formal conference or council, usually concerned with government or public affairs.
Led the first expedition across Canada's westen lands for the New Company.
Alexander Mackenzie
supported brittih government after the revolution many fled to canada and settled in nova scotia
indians that lives in the forest of the eastern woodlands
ottawas and hurons
first europeans that arrived in canada
what counties did the vikings like in(countries that are called today)
norway aweden denmark
claimed th hudson bay region
-Durring the American Revolution
-Supported British government
-In 1748, Loyalist were givin half of Nova Scotia
-Half of Nova Scotia became New Brunswick
How did the French earn money?
By selling furs
Supported British goverment
Insread of being a colony, it was more independent possession known as a...
In what year did Henry Hudson sail into what is now Hudson Bay?
.Had few trees/wood
.Flat rolling hills
.Indians huned buffalo to meet most basic needs.
.Very grassy
.Many pleatues and plains
People who live in the cold harsh Artic weather.
The Inuit People
The first Europeans to arrive in Canada.
The Vikings
A explorer who clamied the St.Lawrance river.
Jacques Cartier
A explorer who started a settlement along the St.Lawrance river.
Samuel De Chaplian
Began to claim new teritorys
French Missonaries
Claimed what is now new foundland for england.
John Cabot
a colony.
New France
claimed land in North America for England.
English Explorers
a way to get something your country doesn't have
Huron translation is "Kanata"
War between French and Indians
war ended with Treaty of Paris
French and Indian War
supporters of theh British government
settled in Nova Scotia
others settled in Quebec
led the first expedidition acoss Canada's wesern land
Alexander Mackenzie
had own Prime Minister and parliament
Who came from Asia over a land bridge over 12,000 years ago?
Nomadic Hunters
Name 3 native american groups lived in Eastern woodlands, hunted & farmed, needed wood 4 shelter & canoes, and had thick forests for resources?
Ojibaws Ottawas & Hurons
These people lived in vast grasslands of the Interior Plains, hunted buffalo, and had very few trees?
Assiniboines & Blackfeet

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