Glossary of CNS Infectious Diseases

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What is the most common mode of entry for a CNS infection?
What virus uses retrograde axonal transport?
Which bug commonly infects young people living close proximity?
Nesseria meningitidis
Bacterial meningitis usually has purulent exudent where?
over the convexities and cortices
What are some common complication seen in bacterial meningitis?
vasospasm, ICA thrombosis, hydrocephalus, edema, subdural empyema, subdural hygroma
Hydrocephalus with damage to the ependymal lining and proliferation of subependymal glia associated seen in TB menigitis
granular ependymitis
True/False: On imaging, cerebral abscesses appear as ring enhancing lesions, indistinguishable from tumors.
What is the most common mycosis in AIDS patients?
Which infection is frequently seen with diabetics with frequent bouts of ketoacidosis?
Which fungi are angioinvasive, capable of causing a hemorrhagic infarct?
Mucor and Aspergillus
Which mycosis is most often seen in chemotherapy patients?
You see a ring enhancing lesion in an AIDS patient. What should you assume it is until proven otherwise?
Where is the most common site of a toxoplasmic abscess?
basal ganglia
T/F: Toxoplasma grows easily in culture.
What is a common entry point for amoebas?
cribiform plate
Cysticercosis is caused by which organism?
Taenia solium
T/F: If you see any cystercosis cysts in the brain, you should treat immediately with albendazole.
False. This could cause severe edema
Most common cause of acute encephalitis.
HSV-1 has a predilection for ?
limbic system
Treatment for HSV encephalitis.
Inclusion often seen in cytoplasm of cells infected w/ Rabies.
Negri body
Reactivation of latent measles causes _____.
Subacute sclerosing panencephalitis (SSPE)
PML is caused by ___ virus.
JC likes to infect which cells?
Polio is caused by ____ virus.
Enterovirus that causes polio has a predilection for _____ cells.
anterior horn
Fused multinucleated giant cell encephalitis in white matter is pathognomonic for ___ infection.
Demyelination of posterior columns in tertiary syphillis.
tabes dorsalis
Tabes dorsalis can resemble a ____ deficiency.

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