Glossary of CMT Chapter 16 Male Reproductive System volcabulary words

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loss of appetite.
without symptoms.
surgical repair of the glans penis.
a pair of small,pea-sized gland that empty into the urethra just before it extends through the penis ,also know as Cowper's glands.
bulbourethral glands
a skin lesion , usually of primary syphilis, that begins at the site of infection as a small raised area and devlops
into a red, painless ulcer with a scooped out appearance ,also know as a venereal sore.
a pair of small,pea-sized gland that empty into the urethra just before it extends through the penis ,also know as bulbourethral glands.
Cowper's glands
use of subfreezing temperature to destory tissue.
the removal of dirt ,damaged tissue ,and cellular debris from a wound or a burn to prevent infection and to promote healing.
painful urination.
the process of ejecting ,or expelling the semen from the male urethra.
surgcal removal of the epididymis .
a tightly coiled tubule that resembles a comma , its purpose is that of housing the sperm until they mature , becoming fertile and motile . mature sperm are stored in the
lower portion of this.
inflammation of the epididymis .this condition can be the result of a chlamydial infection in the male.
fluid,pus ,or serum that is slowly discharged from cells or blood vessels through small pores breaks in cell membranes.
weak, lacking normal muscle tone.
a loose, retractable fold of skin covering the tip of the penis , also called the prepuce.
the tip of the penis.
glans penis
the male sex glands , which are called the testes singular .. testicle these are the primary organs of the male reproductive system.
a malignant growth that begins as soft , brownish or purple raised areas on the feet and slowly spreads in the skin,spreading to the lymph nods and internal organs . it occurs most often in men and is associated with aids
Kaposi's sarcoma
a vague feeling of bodily weakness or discomfort ,often marking the on set of disease.
foul smelling , having a bad odor.
the ability to move spontaneously.
characteristic of a combination of mucus and pus.
an infection caused by normally nondisease, producing organisms that sets up in a host whose resistance has been decreased by surgery , illnesses , and disorders such as aids.
opportunistic infections
surgical fixation of an undescended testicle.
see orchidopexy.
a technique used in physical examinations that involves feeling parts of the body with the hands.
Inflammation of the fallopian tubs , also known as salpgitis , may be associated with sexually transmitted disases.
pelvic inflammatory disease
the area between the scrotum and the anus in the male.
A loose, retractable fold of skin covering the tip of the penis, also called the prepuce.
any agent or regimen that contrbutes to the prevention of infection and disease.
a gland that surrounds the base of the urethra ,secretes a milky colored secretion into the urethra during ejaculation . this secretion enhances the motility of the sperm and helps to neutralize the secretons within the vagina.
prostate gland
removal of the prostate gland . a discussion of two approaches to removing the prostate gland is presented in the section on diagnostic techniques.
producing or containing pus.
an instrument used to view the rectum that has a cutting and cauterizing burning loop.
an instrument used to surgically remove tissue from the body , it has a light source and lens attahed for viewing the area
urine that remains in the bladder after urination.
residual urine
obtaining a catherized specimen after the patient has emptide the bladder by voiding ,to determine the amount of urine remaining in the bladder , known as a residual specimen
residual urine test
Inflammation of the fallopian tubes,also known as pelvic Inflammatory disease.
an external sac that houses the testicles, it is located posterior to the penis and is suspended from the perineum.
a combination of sperm and various secretions that is expelled from the body through the urethra during sexual intercourse.
glands that secrete a thick,yellowish fluid ,known as seminal fluid ,in the vas deferens.
seminal vesicles
specialized coils of tiny tubules that are responsible for production of sperm,located in the testtes.
seminiferous tubules
a mature male germ cell (2 different spellings)
the male gonads , or male sex glands , responsible for production of spermatozoa the male germ cell , and for the secretion of male hormone , testosterone.
a male hormone secreted by the testes , responsible for the secondary sex characteristic changes that occur in the male with oneset of puberty . these changes include growth of facial hair beard ,growth of pubic hair , and deepening of the voice.
an apparatus worn to prevent or block the herniation of the intestines or other organ through an opening in the abdominal wall.
a small tubular stucture extending the lenth of the penis that transports urine from the bladder , and the semen , when ejaculated , to the outside of the body.
Inflammation of the urethra.
the narrow, straight tube that transports sperm from the epididymis to the ejaculation duct.
vas deferens
blisters , small raised skin lesions containing clear fluid.

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