Glossary of CH 5 Bones and Skeletal tissue (CN)

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Name the functions of bone
support energy storage
protection movement
mineral & energy storage
blood cell production
Name the stuctural classification of bones
1. Long bones
2. Short bones
3. Sesamoid bones
4. Sutural/Wormian bones
Name the types of bone tissue
Name the parts of long bones
Name the processes of bone development
1. Intramemranous ossification
2. Endocondral ossification
In spongy bone there is a meshwork of thin, irregularly shaped plates called??????
Some bones rea completely embedded in tendons. TRUE OR FALSE
True (sesamoid bones)
The skeleton arises from fibrous membranes and elastic cartilage during the early stages of embryonic development. TRUE OR FALSE
FALSE (fibrous membranes and hyaline cartilage)
The sphenoid and occipital bones form most of the base of the cranium. TRUE OF FALSE
The coccyn never varies in the number of vertebrae that compose it. TRUE OF FALSE
The outer, fibrocarlaginous ring of the intervertebral disk is called the
annulus fibrosus

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