Glossary of C11: THE NORTHEASTERN U.S.A.

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A giant suburb area extending along the eastern seaboard with 5 major cities: Boston, New York,Philadelphia, Baltimore, & Washington, District of Columbia.
What is a Megalopolis?
One of the oldest industries which makes thread and cloth from natural fibers in mills with looms.
What are textiles?
A hard, speckled, crystaline, igneous rock formed deep in earth's crust under great heat and exposed by millions of years of uplift & weathering.
What is Granite?
A landform surrounded by water on three sides.
What is a peninsula?
Materials piled up by the huge ice sheets of glaciers during the Ice Age;
a ridge of rocks, gravel, and sand deposited along the margins of a glacier/ice sheet.
What is a Moraine?
The trees that cover an area after the original forest has been removed.
What is a Second-Growth Forest?
The applicatio of biology to industrial processes, as pharmaceutical and genetic engineering research and the manufacture of products from that research.
What is Biotechnology?
Produce grown in one area and trucked to city markets ( specific plants grown in certain regions).
What is a Truck Farm?
A form of soft coal found in West Virginia, Western Pennsylvania, and borders of Kentucky and Ohio.
What is Bituminous Coal?
Called "coking coal" and used in blast furnaces to purify iron ore for making steel.
What is Coke?
Hard coal found in eastern Pennsylvania; a higher grade coal than bituminous but rarer due to cost of mining from deep within the crust.
What is Anthracite Coal?
Administrative units of New York City which are divided into Manhatten, Staten Island, Brooklyn, The Bronx, and Queens.
What is a Borough?
A place where shipments of goods are moved from one mode of transportation to another (ex. , from train to ship or bus to train or plane to trucks.)
What is a Break-of-Bulk Center?

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