Glossary of Brooke's 6th grade science

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What is a force of attraction that exists between any objects with mass?
What is a push or pull exerted by one object on another causing a change in motion?
What is an inward force toward the center of a circle?
centripital force
What is a measure of how hard it is to push or pull an object?
What is a scientist who studies space?
an astrophysicist
What is the tendency of an object to oppose a change in motion?
What is the factor changed in an experiment to affect the outcome?
What is a statement that can be tested by observation?
What do you call any object that revolves around another object?
Explain the relationship between mass and gravitational pull.
The greater the mass of objects, the stronger their gravitational pull.
List basic steps of a scientific investigation.
1. observe 2. collect & organize data 3. ask questions 4. hypothesize 5. experiment-use variables, collect data, share results.

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