Glossary of Breast Pathology

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inflammatory conditions of breast
acute mastitis, granulomatous mastitis, mammary duct extasia, fat necrosis
acute mastitis
inflammatory condition, breast feeding, s. auereus, needs antibiotics
granulomatous mastititis
inflammatory conditon
foreign material, MTB, sarcoid,
may simulate carcinoma
mammary duct extasia
inflammatory condtion
dilated large and intmediate ducts filled with histiocytes, surrounded by fibrosis and inflmaation
fat necrosis
inflammatory condition
necrosis of fat with inflammation, fibrosis and microcalcification
mass formation simulates carcinoma
trauma, ruptrues cysts
benign proliferative breast disease
benign proliferative breast disease
fibrcytic changes
ductal hyperplasia
radial scar
fibrocytic changes
benign proliferative breast disease
not a disease, physiologi phen
very common, simulate carc clin
dilation, apocrine metablasia, fibrosis, sclerosing sdenosis
ductal hyperplasia
benign proliferative breast disease
often accompanies fibrocytic change
increased epi cells in ducts
atypical is increased risk of breast carcinoma
benign neoplasm
intraductal papilloma
nipple papilloma
benign neoplasm
common, enlarge during preg, regress with age
presents as mass
elongated ducts, smooth round contour, fibromyxoid cells
intraductal papilloma
large ducts subareolar mass, nipple discharge
small ducts in young
papillary arch
nipple papilloma
benign neoplasm
4-5th decades
ducts within nipple, discharge or erosion, simulate paget's disease
papillary arch
Carcinoma in Situ
ductal CIS
Lobular CIS
Paget's disease
Ductal CIS
malignant neoplastic ductal type cells in BM in ducts and lobules
invasive carc risk increased in ipsilateral breast
variable hist and cytologic atypia
Lobular CIS
malignant neoplastic lobular type cells in BM
multifocal, bilateral
increased risk of carcinoma in both breasts
Paget's disease
CIS with tumor cells in epithelium of nipple
nipple with ulceration or eczema like change
associated with underlying carcinoma
Invasive Carcinoma of Breast
malignant epithelial neoplasm with stromal invasion by tumor, no longer confined to BM,
most common malignancy in women, 2nd most common cancer death in women
BRCA genes, hormone, radiation,
invasive ductal is vast majority, presents as mass, arranged in cords nests, invasive lobular, no clinical mass, lack of desmoplasia, diffuse growth pattern, single file cells
inflammatory , not distinct, erythemtous dermal changes, die within 2 yrs
phylloides tumor
leaf like, presents as mass, hypercellularity, overgrowth, bland ductal elements
male breast pathology
gynecomastia: increase estrogenic activity, decrease in androgenic activity or both,
cancer 1% of all breast cancer is male, nipple discharge is BAD
most common malignancy in women
invasive carcinoma of breast
2nd most lethal malignancy in women
invasive carcinoma of breast

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