Glossary of Branches of anatomy

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to cut up; the science dealing with the study of structure of form (morphology (shape))
the science dealing with the study of function
Surface anatomy
Study of markings, form (morphology), etc. of the surface of the body
Gross (macroscopic) anatomy
Structures studied without a microscope
Systemic anatomy
Approach used in beginning classes; structures of specific system of the body; ex) Nervous/respiratory system
Regional anatomy
Approach used in medical school; specific regions of the body; ex) whole hand, head, chest
Study of changes from the fert. egg (zygote) to week 8
Developmental anatomy
Study changes from fert. egg (zygote) to the adult
Study of cells
Study of microscopic structure of tissue
Study of structures influenced by disease, etc; the study of abnormal structures
Radiographic anatomy
Study of body using x-rays or various imaging techniques
from the end of the embryo phase (week 8) to birth

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