Glossary of Book: Coming to America

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A person who comes from anothter country to make a new home.
A person who is descended from a certain ancestor. You are descended from your grandparents.
European / Europe
A person born in Europe. Europe is a group of countries on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.
New World
The Americas are part of the New World. The United States of America are part of the New World.
People who travel to new places for the first time. Have you explored your backyard?
Immigrants came to the United States because they wanted freedom, to be free.
All of the people that live in a town, city, country.
A person who goes to live in a new country.
Courage helps people to face new things they are scared about. Helps them to be brave.
Very unhappy. Travel on the ships was very crowded, and the food was not very good. People were miserable.
People spoke many languages. It was hard to understand what people were saying.
Ellis Island
An Island where the immigrants went to make sure they were healthy.
Statue of Liberty
When immigrants saw the Statue of Liberty, they knew they were FREE.
The Doctor checks to see if you are healthy when he gives you an examination.
People who had to leave their country to be safe.

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