Glossary of Body Systems Jeopardy

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Name one blood type
A, B, AB, or O
Smooth muscles can be found where in the body?
digestive system, stomach
this gland is at the base of the brain and is sometimes called the "master gland"
pituitary gland
This is the point at which bones meet
What is hemophelia
a disorder that doesn't allow your blood to clot properly
What is another name for the large intestine
Your vocal cords are contained in what part of the respiratory system
the larynx
what are the joints called that allow bones to slide over one another
Gliding joints
What does the pancreas do
-produces three digestive enzymes one of which is insulin
What is the name of the upper leg bone
What does PNS stand for?
Peripheral Nervous system
what is the male reproductive gland that controls development of secondary sex characteristics during adolescence.
Name one disorder of the endocrine system
growth extremes
What does CNS stand for
Central Nervous system
this 3lb. organ controls all actions emotions thoughts and memory
Name three kinds of muscles.
1. Smooth
2. Skeletal
3. Cardiac
These types of cells are carried in the blood and help fight disease
white blood cells
Where does digestion begin
In your mouth
What is the organ that produces insulin
This is the female reproductive gland that controls secondary sex characteristics during adolescence
Name two kinds of joints
ball and socket
A monthly process by which a mature egg and the lining of the uterus are discharged from the female body is called this
This part of the brain controls vital body actions such as heartbeat, breathing, blood pressure and digestion.
The Brain Stem
These are passages through which air enters the lungs
the bronchi
This is the strong flexible tissure that provides cushioning at your joints
Name two ways to protect the nervous system
wear a helmet when bike riding etc. or wear a seat belt
the backbone is made of 24 separate bones called
What is the disease of weak brittle bones

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