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What is the % Saturation of Hemoglobin:

A) Leaving Lungs

B)Returning from Tissues
A) 98%

Hemoglobin is a ____ structure?

It contains 2 __ and __ chains?

Each chain has an ___ containing heme group?
Quartenary Structure
- 2 alpha and beta chains
-Fe containing heme group
O binds to __?

CO2 binds to __?

NH2 of the amino acids in the Polypeptide chain
How many Fe atoms does a Hemoglobin molecule contain?
Which individual has the highest Hemoglobin blood value

A) Men

B) Women

C) Newborn
Newborn (14-20 g/100ml)
What are the two factors that determine the Hemoglobin value in the blood?
Amount of RBC and their carring capacity (how many HB molecules does the RBC carry?)
Give 3 diseases that result in LOW hemoglobin values in the blood?
Cirrhosis of the liver
Give 3 diseases that result in HIGH hemoglobin values in the blood?
COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)
Conjestive Hrt Failure
Define and Give 2 examples of COPD?

Which of the examples is reversible?
Chronic Lung Disease in which breathing is slowed or forced.

-Asthma (obstruction of air out of lungs) or

Emphysema/Chronic Bronchitis (obstruction of air through the airways and out of lungs)

Asthma is reversible
What is polycythemia?
Abnormally large amounts of RBC is th blood
-Overgrown BM
-Enlarged Spleen (breaks down RBC)
-Abnormal increase in RBC's
How do you treat Primary and Secondary Polycythemia?
Primary- Radiation Therapy, Take Blood Out of System (Phlebotomy), or chemotherapy w/ anti-metabolite drugs(cytoxan)

Secondary- depends of cause! Usually secondary polycythemia (increase in RBC) is the body is trying to compensate for loss of O, so your body will proudce more RBC's as a result to increase carring capacity to tissues. If this is the case you must replenish pt w/ O.

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