Glossary of Biology One Pre- IB

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experimental group
contains unknown variable
what is to be tested
all other parts of the expirement
main goal of science
to understand the world around us, adn why certain things happen so that we can further our society
comes before test
educated guess
based on previous research
metric system
a universal system set up on bases of ten
physical description
basic unit of length
how do you title a graph?
y:x <y over x>
what are the steps to the sm?
1. question
2. research
3. hypothesis
4. test
5. data
6. conclusion
7. report
basic unit of temperature
control group
contains known factor and allows researcher to isolate and test the effects of variable in ex. by comparing results of both groups
normal body temperature
37 C
what is science?
science is the process whose goal is to understand the natural world.
how does science explain natural events
we must assume that all events in nature have natural causes, and try to arrange a series of observations or tests to learn what those causes are
record of expirement
basic unit of mass
what is the scientific method
systematic approach to problem solving that involves observation and problem solving
on a graph, which side is the x axis, and which is the y axis
x axis is always independent, the y axis dependent
amount, number, measure
basic unit of volume
comes after test
proven conclusion
based on data from expirement

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