Glossary of Biology - Cell Membrane Structure

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Name the 3 jobs of the cell membrane.
1). Identify
2). Regulate
3). Communicate
Is the phospholipid bi-layer hydrophilic or hydrophobic???
Hydrophilic (Likes water)
What are glycoproteins connected to???
What are glycolipids connected to???
What do glycoproteins and glycolipids do???
They are "markers." Help in IDENTIFYING.
What do Channel Proteins do???
They help in REGULATING what goes in + out.
What is another name for Receptor Proteins???
Cell Surface Receptors
What do the receptor proteins do???
They COMMUNICATE 2 the cell about what's happening in the outside environment or what is needed.
What is Viscosity???
Level of rigidness
What effects Viscosity???

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