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What are the functions of the muscular system?
movement, posture, heat production
skeletal muscle fibers contract due to signals sent to them by which type of neurons?
which type or motor untit (lg or sm) has the ability to control fine movements? Which has greater strenth?
small; large
Which type of muscle is the most abundant in the body? and how much % body mass on avg?
Skeletal muscle which includes connective, nervous and muscle tissue. 35-40%
What is the order of the Skeletal Muscle Structure from LArgest to smallest?
Muscle, Bundles, Fiber, Myofibril, Sarcomere, Actin, Myosin?
What is the functional unit of the muscle system called?
Actin and myosin are..
Do actin and or mysosin contract (shorten)?
does the actin or does the myosin slide?
During, muscle contraction, the msucle, the fiver, the myofibrils, the sarcomere shorten, but the myofilaments dont change in lenth. true or false.
The site where a motor neuron communicates with a muscle fiber is called.. It is a synapse
neuromuscular junction
Which type of neurotransmitter is released y all motor neurons?
What chemical signal allows mysoin to bind to actin?
calcium ions
Is AtP required for muscle contraction. why?
yes, it primes the mysoin head and allows the muscle to relax later.
is atp required for muscle relaxation? y
yes, allows muscle to relax after it contracts and absorbs CA
Why does rigor mortis happen?
lack of atp
Muscle cells are excitable cells. true or false
Explain how botox works.
paralyzes surface muscles, which reduces wrinkles, and smoooths the msucle
Myasthenia gravis is an autoimmunde disorder in which the body attacks...
muscle nerves, which causes muscle weakness
Does myasthenia gravis result in cramps in lack of contractions?

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