Glossary of Bio 30 BRHS Mendel Genetics AW

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What is the Principle of Segregation?
in meiosis,2 alleles seperate so each gamete gets one form of the gene.
Describe and give an example of a phenotype
is an observable and/or inheritable trait. ex) large brown eyes
Describe and give an example of a genotype.
is a specific arrangement of alleles for a trait. ex) BB for large brown eyes
What is intermediate Inheritance? Give an example.
is a blend of 2 phenotypes.
ex) flower color.
What are Multiple Alleles? GIve an example.
they consist of 4 or more alleles, but individuals can have only 2 of these alleles at once!Also, an individual must have more than 2 alleles for the trait to exist. ex) fruit fly eye color or blood type.
What are polygenic traits? Give two types.
they are regulated by more than one gene; each has their own alleles. Allele movement looks like dihybrid crosses. Complementary Interaction and Suppression Epistasis are types of polygenic traits.
Describe Comlementary Interaction and give ine example.
when 2 genes interact to produce a phenotype they were unable to produce themselves. ex) Chicken Combs
Decribe Suppression Epistasis and give an example.
when one gene masks the expression of another gene. It shows 3 phenotypes instead of 4 for polygenetic traits. ex) mammal coat color with the c allele; no pigment.
What is pleiotropy?
when one gene affects more than one phenotype.
What is Autosomal Recessive?
if neither parent has the characteristic phenotype (disease) displayed by the child, the trait is recessive.
Describe Autosomal Dominant.
affected individuals can appear in every generation.A trait that appears in successive generations is normally due to a dominant allele.
Affected males pass the gene to all of their.....
daughters but not their sons.
Two genes are linked but very far apart on the chromosome. What is this describing?
Independent Assortment.
Describe Complete Linkage.
if the body and eye color loci are on the same chromosome, they will NOT assort independently. Complete linkage only exixts if genes are very close together.
What is the formula for the crossover frequency?
number of recombinants over the total number of offspring multiplied by a 100.

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