Glossary of Bio 30,Nervous System Neuron Rebers Review

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The membrane of the neuron suddenly becomes more permeable to ______ than to potassium.
Whats the deference between Depolorization ad Hyperpolarization?
Hyperpolarization means that the neuron is much more permeable to potassium then usual. And depolarization is Excess positive ions are found inside the nerve cell.
Explain the synapse.
The synapse is a space between a neurons axon and its target, also can be called the "Synaptic Cleft."
After acetylcholine has moved across the membrane it needs to be?
Re-absorbed, or broken down by cholinesterase.
Inhibitory transmitters cause k+ to?
Leak out hyperpolorizing the membrane.
What does "summation" mean?
The sum effect of all neurotransmitters acting on the neuron.
Which cells make up the myelin sheath?
Schwann cells
What is the Neurilemma?
Is a protective membrane that helps in regeneration of a neuron not found in grey matter
All paths must incliude 3 seperate things, they are?
Whats is the difference between depolarization and repolarization?
Depolaization is when the neuron is stimulated enough to cause Na+ gates to open, the other is for sodium.
Explain receptions?
Reception refers to dendrites being stimulated by an enviroment factor and starting an impulse.
Explain the all or none theory?
The neuron either responds fully or not at all.

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