Glossary of Bio 1031 def.

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what does plasmodial mean?
consisting of a multinucleate, protoplasmic mass not divided into cells
What do sarcodine organisms have?
What is a food vacuole?
a temporary digestive organelle
What are calcareous tests?
external shells of calcium containing material
What are Trypanosomes?
parasitic flagellates that may live in the blood of vertebrates and cause a variety of serous diseases
What is a thallus?
a simple vegetative body without roots, stems or leaves
What two processes does sexual reproduction include?
meiosis and syngamy.
meiosis = 2n -> n
syngamy = (gametic fusion) n -> 2n
What two stages can syngamy be divided into?
plasmogamy = fusion of cell parts other than the nucleus
karyogamy = fusion of nuclei
What does "filamentous" describe?
threadlike (growth)
What does "parenchymatous" describe?
tissue-like (growth)
What is an isomorphic alternation of generations?
the diploid and haploid phases are morphologically identical
What is oogamy?
a type of oogamous sexual repro. -- having a large nonmotile egg and a small, motile sperm

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