Glossary of Baptist Catechism Part 3

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What is a covenant?
A covenant is an agreement between two or more persons
What is the covenant of grace?
t is an eternal agreement within the Trinity to save certain persons called the elect, and to provide all the means for their salvation
What did Christ undertake in the covenant of grace?
Christ undertook to keep the whole law for his people, and to suffer the punishment due to their sins
Did our Lord Jesus Christ ever sin?
No. He was holy, blameless and undefiled
How could the Son of God suffer?
Christ, the Son of God, took flesh and blood, that he might obey and suffer as a man
What is meant by the atonement?
The atonement consists of Christ’s satisfying divine justice, by his sufferings and death, in the place of sinners
For whom did Christ obey and suffer?
Christ obeyed and suffered for those whom the Father had given him
What kind of life did Christ live on earth?
Christ lived a life of perfect obedience to the law of God
What kind of death did Christ die?
hrist experienced the painful and shameful death of the cross
Who will be saved?
Only those who repent of sin and believe in Christ will be saved
What is it to repent?
Repentance involves sorrow for sin, leading one to hate and forsake it because it is displeasing to God
What is it to believe in Christ?
A person believes who knows that his only hope is Christ
and trusts in Christ alone for salvation
How were godly persons saved before the coming of Christ?
They believed in the Saviour to come
How did they show their faith?
They offered sacrifices according to God’s commands
What did these sacrifices represent?
They were symbolic of Christ, the Lamb of God, who was to die for sinners
What does Christ do for his people?
He does the work of a prophet, a priest and a king
How is Christ a prophet?
He teaches us the will of God, reveals God to us, and
really was God in human flesh
Why do you need Christ as a prophet?
Because I am ignorant
How is Christ a priest?
He died for our sins and prays to God for us
Why do you need Christ as a priest?
Because I am guilty
How is Christ a king?
He rules over us and defends us
Why do you need Christ as a king?
Because I am weak and helpless
What did God the Father undertake in the covenant of
By His goodness and mercy, God the Father elected, and determined to justify, adopt and sanctify those for whom Christ should die
What is election?
It is God’s goodness as revealed in his grace by choosing certain sinners for salvation
What is justification?
It is God’s regarding sinners as if they had never sinned and granting them righteousness
What is righteousness?
It is God’s goodness as revealed in his law, and as honored in Christ’s perfect obedience to that law
Can anyone be saved by his own righteousness?
No. No one is good enough for God
What is adoption?
It is God’s goodness in receiving sinful rebels as his beloved children
What is sanctification?
In sanctification God makes sinners holy in heart and conduct so that they will demonstrate his goodness in their lives
Is this process of sanctification ever complete in this life?
No. It is certain and continual, but is complete only in heaven
What hinders the completion of sanctification in this life?
The Scripture says “The flesh lusts against the Spirit so that you cannot do the things you would”
Since we are by nature sinful, how can one ever desire to be holy and to gain heaven where God lives?
Our hearts must be changed before we can be fit for heaven
Who can change a sinner s heart?
Only the Holy Spirit can change a sinner’s heart.
What did the Holy Spirit undertake in the covenant of
He regenerates, baptizes, and seals those for whom Christ has died
What is regeneration?
It is a change of heart that leads to true repentance and faith
Can you repent and believe in Christ by your own power?
No. I can do nothing good without God’s Holy Spirit
How does the Holy Spirit baptize believers?
He puts them into the body of Christ by making them a living part of all those who truly believe in Him
How does the Holy Spirit seal believers?
He comes to live within them to guarantee that they will receive the wonders God has promised those who love Him
How can you receive the Holy Spirit?
God has told us that we must pray to him for the Holy Spirit but the evidence of His presence is seen most clearly in our trusting and loving the Lord Jesus Christ.

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