Glossary of Bacterial Metabolic REactions

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enzymes that work outside the bacteria.
Permeases break down polysaccharides into monosaccs so they can be taken up by the bug.
enzymes necessary for intracellular proceses like metabolizing nutrients.
Constitutive vs. Adaptive Enzymes
Constitutive are always present;
Adaptive normally low concentration; produced at higher levels in presence of substrate.
3 reasons bacteria need carbs:
-cell wall
-nucleic acids
anabolism of carbs in bugs is called
what do bacteria need lipids for?
-cell wall
-cell membrane
-endotoxins - in gram negatives! LPS
why do bacteria do purine and pyrimidine biosynthesis?
they break down enzymes to make new ones.
what do bacteria require proteins/amino acids for?
-cell wall
-cell membrane
what is necessary for protein catabolism?
what organism is used for Q.C. on autoclaving?
bacillus stearothermophilus

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