Glossary of BUMEDINST 6224.8 Tuberculosis control

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An infected person has a __% lifetime chance of developing TB
All personnel entering periods of duty > ____ must have a result of skin test in record.
Use disposable __ml syringe fitted with a ___ ga needle.
1ml, 25ga
5tu = __ml
If inderation measurement falls between 2m divisions of scale, use ___ region.
If reactors in one group of people are > ___ %, look for active case.
A reactor of equal to or greater than __mm gets INH therapy regardless of age.
INH dose = ___mg every day for __ months
300, 6
TB non-reactor is a person with < ___mm of induration to a 5tu TB skin test
If the person returns after 3 days but less than 10 and the inderation is 0-14mm, make an entry of ____ ____
not read.
If the person returns from 3-10 days and the inderation is __mm or more, treat the person as a reactor.
In cases where TB is resistant to INH or Patient is allergic, use ______ at a ___mg dose
Rifampin, 600

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