Glossary of BS Ch.10

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What is empathy?
Emmpathy involves relating to another on such a level that you can identify with his or her feelings.-to relate in an experience of a same emotion.
What is sympathy?
To feel sorry/
What is the most important form of communication?
How many common barriers to empathy are there?
What is feedback?
It can be broadly defined as any form of insight from an external point of view.
What is assertiveness?
It is the ability to honestly express your oppinions, feelings, attitdues, and rights-without undue anxiety and in a way that does not infringe upon the rights of others.
What are the three components of emphasizing assertiveness?
Empathy/validation; explanation of the problem; Precise resolutions.
What are the five steps of listening?
Reception, Attention, Perception, Assignment of meaning, and Response.
What is response?
It is the meaning you assign the data will correspond with a particular intellectual and emotional reaction. Like a node or a question.
What is altruism?
It is selflessness, or unselfish concern for others welfare of others.
What is Narcissism?
Excessive love and admiration for oneself
Who wrote the book the Culture of Narcissim-American Life in an Age of Diminishing Expectations?
Christopher Lash
What was Christopther Lash trying to analyze?
The repercussions-to explore the effects of gradual, long-term shifts in the sructure of cultural authority on the individual.
What is the first step of conscientous behavior?
It involves making a distinction between one's personal perspective regarding an issue with the perspectives of others.
What is entitlement?
When a person has been conditioned to believe that all of their needs deserve to be met and full appreciated by others.

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