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A 17 yo girl develops an acute syndrome characterized by low grade fever, lassitude, pharyngitis, generalized lymphadenopathy, and a palpable liver and spleen. A peripheral blood smear reveals the presence of "atypical lymphocytes." A heterophi
A 70 yo man is found to have a papilomatous neoplasm of the bladder. Even though the lesion is extremely well-differentiated, the patholgist makes a diagnosis of transitional cell carcinoma grade I. The distincion of the "malignant" from "
Clinical behavior
A 60 yo man was seen because of progressive bone deformity and pain, progressive hearing loss, and increasing skull size. Workup revealed generalized increased bone density with cortical thickening, normal serum calcium and phosphorus, and markedly eleva
At autopsy, both lungs from a 45 yo woman are found to have colapsed or distended alveoli, many of which are lined with fibrin-rich hyaline membranes. The finding of hyaline membranes is assoc with all of the following EXCEPT: a. high-concentration oxyge
long-standing pulmonary emphysema
After being picked up by the police, a run away adolescent girl became increasingly somnolent, lapsing into a deep coma 72 hours later. Her resps were rapid and deep, and she appeared to be severely dehydrated. Lab studies revealed a marked reduction in
increaed serum glucose
All of the following item pairs are correct effects or assocs EXCEPT: a. Duffy blood group ag - susceptibility to malarin; b.folate deficiency - hypochromic erythrocytes, c. hereditary spherocytosis - increased mean corpuscular hgb concentration, d. incr
folate deficiency - hypochromic erythrocytes
A 56 yo man collapsed at work and died 20 mins later in the ER while blood was being drawn. The PTs hx revealed an episode of prolonged chest discomfort 3 mos earlier. Which of the following is LEAST likely? A. death from arrythmia, b. fibrotic scare in
loss of myocardial straiations and beginning infiltration with neutrophils
Cytologic findings consisten with carcinoma of the endometrium are found during diagnostic eval of a 65 yo woman with uterine bleeding. The pathogenesis of the lesion is assoc with all the following EXCEPT: a. adenomatoous hyperplasia of the endometrium,
A 32 yo woman was seen because of sever watery diarrhea. Diagnostic eval revealed achlorhydria and reduced concentration of serum potassium. Imaging studies revealed the presecne of a pancereatic tumor. Special stains will most likely reveal the pancreat
A 56 yo man I found to have amerkedly elevated values for total serum cholesterol and for LDL. Which of the following is the LEAST likely complication of the common vascular disorder that is assoc with these lab abnormalities? A. aneurysm of asacending a
aneurysm of ascending aorta
All of the following procedures are useful in distinguishing iron deficiency anemia from B-thalassemia minor EXCEPT: a. bone marrow Prussian blue stain, b. hematocrit, c. serum ferritin, d. serum iron., e. total iron-building capacity
Which form of Hodgkin disease has the poorest prognosis?
Lymphocyte depletion
Which one of the following disordrs is often c/b T cell-mediated hypersensitivity?
contact dermatitis
A 67 yo man, a 2-pack-a-day smoker since age 18, has had a productive cough over the past 20 yrs. Although continuous through the years, there have been episodic exacerbations of these symptoms, which have worsened during the past 4 or 5 years, lasting 3
chronic bronchitis
Multiple cutaneous punctate hemorrhages are characteristic of all of the following contions EXCEPT: a. ascorbic acid deficiency, b. christmas disease, c. disseminated intravascualar coagulation, d. Rocky Mtn spotted fever, e. thrombocytopenia
Christmas disease
All of the following characteristics of Hashimoto thyroiditis are suggestive of an autoimmune etiology EXCEPT: a. antihyroglobulin and antimicrosomal abs; b. assoc with other autoimmune disorders; c. atrophy of thyroid follicles; d. increased incidence i
atrophy of thyroid follicles
Agnogenic myeloid metaplasia is characterized by all of the following EXCEPT: a. depletion of bone marrow megakaryocytes, b. hepatosplenomegaly; c. myelofibrosis; d. nucleated red cells in peripheal blood smear; e. teardrop-shaped erythrocytes
depletion of bone marrow megakaryocytes
An autopsy is performed on a 35 yo black man who died after a brief illness characterized by papilledema, severe hypertension, L ventricular hypertrophy and failure, and renal dysfunction. The most likely findings in the kidney are:
surface covered with multiple petechial hemorrhages, hyperplastic arteriolosclerosis, and necrotizing glomerulitis
Which of the following statements is NOT true of maternal-fetal rubella infection? A. associated fetal defects are not limited to the cariovascular system; b. the fetus is most vulnerable during the first trimester of pregnancy; c. the majority of cases
the majority of cases of congenital heart disease are c/b rubella or other intrauterine infections
A bone marrow aspiration from a 65 yo man with long-standing profound anemia shows megaloblastic erythroid hyperplasia. Which of the folliwing is the most likely diagnosis?
pernicious anemia
Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of multiple sclerosis? A. assoc with certain HLA haplotypes;b. axonal degeneration; c. differing incidence according to geographic location; d. multiple cerebrospinal fuid oligoclonal immunoglubulin bands; e
axonal degeneration
All of the following are well-known causes of megaloblastic anemia EXCEPT: a. hookworm infestation, b. intestinal blind loops; c. pregnancy; d. severe malnutrition; e. strict vegetarian diet
hookworm infestation
A 62 yo man is seen because of change in bowel habits. A lesion similar to that illustrated below is resected from the sigmoid colon. The diagnosis is:
A 20 yo man is hospitalized with fever, shaking chills, and widespread cutaneous hemorrhages. He complains of sever headache, a nucal rigidity is noted on physical exam. Exam of the peripheral blood and CSF reveals gram neg diplococci within neutrophils.
adrenal cortex
Membranous glomerulonephritis is found at autopsy in a 25 yo woman who died in renal failure. Other autopsy findings include pleuritis, diffuse interstitial fibrosis of the lungs, concetnric rings of collagen surrounding spjlenic arterioles, and warty ve
peripheral rim pattern of antinuclear ab fluorescence
Recurrent intractable peptic ulcer disease suggests an underlying:
islet cell tumor of the pancrease
Conjugated hyperbilirubinemia, pos urine tests for bilirubin, and total absence of urobilinogen in the urine and stools suggest:
adenocarcinoma of the pancreas
Autophagic granules are characteristic findings in:
skeletal muscle cells after prolonged immobilization
All of the following are true of fatty change EXCEPT: a. it is observed most freq in the liver; b. it often occurs as a result of decreased apoprotien synth; c. it can be assoc with starvation; d. it can result from incrased triglyceride synthesis; e. it
it is characterized by triglyceride deposition within adipocytes
All of following are assoc with lead poisoning EXCEPT: a. dark precipitate along gingival margins; b. degeneration of the optic nerve; c. punctate basophilic stippling of erythrocytes; d. radiopaque deposits in epiphyses;, e. urinary excretion of delta-a
degeneration of the optic nerve
All of the following conditions are assoc with increased hCG EXCEPT: a. gestational carcinomas; b. granulosa cell tumor; c. hydatidiform tumor; d. pregnancy; e. seminoma
granulosa cell tumor
All of the following features are assoc with carcinoma of the cervix EXCEPT: a. eraly sexual activity, b. freq origin at the squamocolunar junction; c. a hx of estrogen therapy; d. infection with human papilloma virus; e. squamous cell morphology
hx of estrogen therapy
All of the following toxic agents are correctly paired with the appropriate disease process EXCEPT: a. CCl4 - hepatic centrilobular fatty change and necrosis; b. CO - neuronal loss in the basal ganglia; c. ethanol - coronary artery disease; d. phenacetin
ethanol - coronary artery disease;
Which of the following statements concerning benign nodular ehyperplasia and adenocarcinoma of the prostate is NOT true? A. adenocarcinoma is ofte nresponsive to orchiectomy or endocrine therapy;b. endoncarcinoma tends to arise in the peripheral zone of
An increase in serum acid phophatase is useful in the detcection of early adenocarcinoma
All of the following factors contribute to the production of ascites in cirrhosis of the liver EXCEPT: a. hypoalbuminemia; b. increased hepatic lymph formation; c. increased portal venou pressure; d. portal-systemic venous shunting; e. renal retenttion o
portal-systemic venous shunting
Match the charcateristic with the appropriate intracranial neoplasm: Posterior cranial foss most freq site. A. glioblastoma, B. medulloblasatoma, C. meningioma, d. neurilemmoma, e. oligodendroglioma
Match the characteristic with the testicular tumor assoc with it: Usually benign. A. androblastoma, b. endodermal sinus tumor, c. mature teratoma, d. mixed germ cell carcinoma, e. seminoma
Match the descriptive phrase with the assoc disorder: Complication of sever rheumatiod arthritis. A. renal amyloidosis, b. diabetic nephropathy, c. focal glomerulonephritis, d. memranous glomerulonephritis, e. minimal change disease, f. poststrep glomeru
renal amyloidosis

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