Glossary of BMR Part 8

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Support craft designations start with what letter?
Fixed wing aircraft are divided into how many basic parts?
What are the three main parts of a helicopter?
Main Motor
Tail Rotor
Attack class planes are used in which roles?
Nuclear Strikes
Ground Support
Low-Level Bombing
What class of aircraft is used to gain air superiority?
The E-2C Hawkeye belongs to what class of aircraft?
The S-3 Viking belongs to what class of aircraft?
What helicopter is designated for ASW use?
SH-60B Seahawk
What helicopter operates and tows mine countermeasures devices?
CH-53D Sea Stallion
Which drugs can cause the heart or arteries to burst and cause a massive coronary?
Which drugs is abused on the pretense of weight control?
Abuse of which types of drugs results in the appearance of alcohol intoxication, but without the odor of alcohol on the breath?
Depressants overdoses, when taken with alcohol may result in which conditions?
Abuse of which type of drugs may result in reocurring effects months after the drug has been taken?
Volatile chemical abuse is usually indicated by which conditions?
Constricted pupils
Heat stress is caused by a combination of which factors?
Air Temperature
Prolonged exposure to heat stress conditions causes which medical emergencies?
Heat Stroke
Heat Exhaustion
What is the major health risk to personnel who are exposed to severe cold weather?
Which document standardizes tag-out procedures aboard ship?
Under the tag out procedures, what person has the authority to place a system off line for repairs or maintenance?
Authorizing Officer
How many different tags are authorized for use in identifying defective instruments or pieces of equipment?
What means are used to control an entire tag-out procedure?
Tag-out logs
Which publications contain info on Navy Safety?
What is the effective shelf life of the chemical-protective over-garment before and after it is removed from its protective envelope?
5 years; 14 days
The chemical protective over-garment provides continous protection within a chemically contaminated environment for what maximum numbers of hours?
6 hours
The M258A1 decontamination kit is used for which CBR exposures?
Blister and nerve agents
The electrical safety petty officer works with which officers in the performance of his duties?
Electrical Safety Officer
When, if ever, would the promotion prospects of a recovered alcoholic be affected?
If misconduct or poor performance resulted from alcoholism.

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