Glossary of Atomic Energy

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who was a pioneer for the discovery of radioactivity
marie curie
release of a alpha particle(2 protons 2 neutrons) from the nucleus
alpha decay
release of a beta particle(electron and positron) from the necleus
beta decay
2 types of beta decay
1) a neutron breaks into a proton and an electron
2) a proton breaks into a positron and a neutron
high energy called gamma rays that are given off during alpha and beta decay
gamma decay
atoms can give up electrons when hit by ______ _____
nuclear radiation
______ is damaged to living and nonliving matter
_________ is used to tell how long ago living things died
amount of time it takes one-half of the nuclei of a radioactive isotope to decay
____ can diagnose medical problems
_______ is used to detect defects in structures and power space probes
process by which a large nucleus splits into two smaller nuclei and releases energy
nuclear fission
a continuous series of nuclear fission reactions
nuclear chain reaction
__________ are used by nuclear power plants to supply energy
controlled nuclear reactions
name 2 disadvantages of neclear fission
accidents and waste
two or more nuclei that have smaller masses combine or fuse to form a larger nucleus
nuclear fusion
name three advantages of neclear fusion
less accident prone, lots of fuel in ocean, and less waste

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