Glossary of Art Study Guide

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What did the Greeks prefered to use?
What kind of improvements were trying to be made?
What did they try to reach?
What were Greeks great at?
Romans were?
engineers and architects
What did Romans use columns for?
Structural support is used to?
hold up the buildings
What were stones held together with?
key stone
What did Romans build the arches out of?
What did the aqueducts do?
carried water into the cities
What did a large ceremonial archway celebrate?
military campains
What were in the baths?
libraries, gymnasiums, shops, restaurants, walkways and heated pools
What did the Archaic period include?
solid stiff sculptures
What did the Classical period include?
near perfection and a good porportion and a sence of movement
What was in the Hellanistec peeriod?
very emotional
What were Romans concerned about with their sculptures?
Greeks were concerned about?
idolizing the figuere

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