Glossary of Approaches to Social Studies

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invented term 'sociology'
positivism - likened to a natural science
blueprint of society
queen of sciences
What is sociology?
Systematic study of society and its structure
Early social thinkers?
Emile Durkheim
Karl Marx
Conflict Theory
society constructed from class
most consist of two major class
class conflict
social change occurs as result
Functionalism 2
How social order maintained
society shapes what we do
equilibrium maintained
social institutions interdependant
biological analogy
Family- primary socialisation Education- secondary
Social class- provider place in society
Collective conscience-consensus
macro view of society as a whole
social order passively taken on
objective followed scientific research methods

Education, religion, family, mass media, politics,
everything not to do with production
maintains and legitimises the base
Means of production
factories, land,capital, labour, machinery, scientific knowledge,
earlier=peasant labour, land,livestock
shapes the superstructure
relations of production
bourgeoisie exploits the proletariat
means of production, machinery

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