Glossary of Animals- lesson 12

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Spelling 1
ver te brates
Spelling 2
rhi noc er os
Spelling 3
chim pan zee
Spelling 4
coy o te
Spelling 5
gi raffe
Spelling 6
kan ga roo
Spelling 7
leop ard
Spelling 8
jag uar
Spelling 9
cou gar
Spelling 10
lla ma
Spelling 11
por cu pine
por poise
Spelling 13
os trich
Spelling 14
o pos sum
Spelling 15
pen guin
Spelling 16
plat y pus
Spelling 17
tor toise
Spelling 18
i gua na
Spelling 19
cha me leon
Spelling 20
squir rel
Spelling 21
ar ma dil lo
Spelling 22
fau na
Spelling 23
mo squi toes
Spelling 24
Jer e mi ah
Spelling 25
Lam en ta tions
am phib ians
an animal that lives both on land and in water
zo ol ogy
the study of animals and animal life
vet er i nar ian
an animal doctor
mam mal
a warmblooded animal with hair or fur whose females produce milk for their babies
pach y derm
a thick-skinned animal with hoofs;an elephant,rhinoceros,or hippopotamus
the scientific name for cattle
the scientific name for all members of the cat family
the scientific name for all members of the dog family
an inherited behavior pattern
the ability to learn and understand

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