Glossary of Animal Growth and Reproduction

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Life cycle
A series of distinct stages of life that most organisms grow amd mature through
Incomplete Metamorphsis
Egg, nymph and adult
Asexual reprodution
Reprodution by simple cell division
Sexual reprodution
The form of reprodution in whitch cells from two pranets unite to form a zygote
A process of cell division
A therdlike starnd is in the nucles and is made up of DNA
A change in the shape or characterists of an organisms body as it grows
The process that reduces the number of chromosomes in reproductive cells
Direct development
A kind of growth where organisms keep the same body features as they grow larger
Recessive trait
A weak trait
Structures on chromosomes that contain the DNA code for a trait an organism inherits
Complete metamorphosis
Egg, larva, pupa and adult
Inherited trait
A characteristics that is passed from pranet to offspring
Dominant trait
A strong trait
where a seeds food is stored

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