Glossary of Anatomy Pelvis 2

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Is the bladder within the pelvic peritoneum?
no it sits inferior to it
What hold the bladder in place? (male v. female)
@ at the neck:

Males: the puboprostatic ligament

Females: the pubovesical ligament
What is the fundus related to in males and females?
females: anterior wall of the vagina

males: rectum
What is the bladder enveloped by?
vesical fascia
what is the detrusor musce?
chief constituent of the bladder wall
in which sex do you find an involuntary internal sphincter in the neck of the bladder?
what prevents backflow of urine into the ureters?
bladder pressure presses the walls of the ureters together
what is the arterial source for the anterolateral part of the bladder?

What are the fundus and neck of the bladder supplied by in:

a. males
b. females
(anterior iliac)--> superior vesical artery

a. males: (anterior iliac)--> inferior vesical artery

b. females: vaginal arteries
What is the parasympathetic innervation of the bladder derived from?

what does parasympathetic innervation in the bladder cause?

what does stretching of the bladder cause?
pelvic splanchnic nerves

2. motor to the detrusor muscle and inhibitory to teh internal sphincter

3. bladder contracts and sphincters relax (parasympathetic)
Where do sympathetic nerves arise that feed the bladder?
T11-L2 --> --> inferior hypogastric
is it necessary to perferate the pelvic peritoneum to enter the bladder?
where does urine from a rupture bladder go?
into the perineum... not the peritoneal
What are the 4 parts of the male uretra?
bladder neck --> prostatic --> intermediate --> spongy urethra

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