Glossary of Anatomy Muscles 75-100

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Depressor Labii Inferioris innervation
Facial nerve
Risorius origin and insertion
origin: Lateral fascia associated with masseter muscle; insertion: Skin at angle of mouth
Levator Labii Superioris action
Opens lips; raises and furrows the upper lip; flares nostril (as in disgust)
Levator Labii Superioris innervation
Facial nerve
Zygomaticus origin and insertion
origin: Zygomatic bone; insertion: Skin and muscle at corner of mouth
Risorius action
Draws corner of lip laterally; tenses lips; synergist of zygomaticus
Risorius innervation
Facial nerve
Orbicularis Oculi origin and insertion
origin: Frontal and maxillary bones and ligaments around orbit; insertion: Tissue of eyelid
Zygomaticus action
Raises lateral corners of mouth upward (smiling muscle)
Zygomaticus innervation
Facial nerve
Corrugator Supercilii origin and insertion
origin: Arch of frontal bone above nasal bone; insertion: Skin of eyebrow
Orbicularis Oculi action
Protects eyes from intense light and injury; various parts can be activated individually; produces blinking, squinting, and draws eyebrows downward; strong closure of eyelids creases skin at lateral aspect of eye (these folds, called “crow’s feet,’’ become permanent with aging)
Orbicularis Oculi innervation
Facial nerve
Occipitalis origin and insertion
origin: Occipital bone; insertion: Galea aponeurotica
Corrugator Supercilii action
Draws eyebrows together; wrinkles skin of forehead vertically (as in frowning)
Corrugator Supercilii innervation
Facial nerve
Frontalis origin and insertion
origin: Galea aponeurotica; insertion: Skin of eyebrows and root of nose
Occipitalis action
Fixes aponeurosis and pulls scalp posteriorly
Occipitalis innervation
Facial nerve
Superficial Transverse Perineus origin and insertion
origin: Ischial tuberosity; insertion: Central tendon of perineum
Frontalis action
With aponeurosis fixed, raises the eyebrows; wrinkles forehead skin horizontally
Frontalis innervation
Facial nerve
Bulbospongiosus origin and insertion
origin: Central tendon of perineum and midline raphe of male penis; insertion: Anteriorly into corpus cavernosa of penis or clitoris
Superficial Transverse Perineus action
Stabilizes and strengthens midline tendon of perineum
Superficial Transverse Perineus innervation
Pudental nerve

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