Glossary of Anatomy Muscles 425-450

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Brachialis action
A major forearm flexor (lifts ulna as biceps lifts the radius)
Brachialis innervation
Musculocutaneous nerve
Anterior origin and insertion
origin: Origin; insertion: Insertion
Biceps brachii action
Flexes elbow joint and supinates forearm; these actions usually occur at same time (e.g., when you open a bottle of wine, it turns the corkscrew and pulls the cord); weak flexor of arm at shoulder
Biceps brachii innervation
Musculocutaneous nerve
Anconeus origin and insertion
origin: Lateral epicondyle of humerus; insertion: Lateral aspect of olecranon process of ulna
Anterior action
Anterior innervation
Triceps Brachii origin and insertion
origin: Infraglenoid tubercle of scapula (long head); Posterior humerus (lateral head), Posterior humerus distal to radial groove (medial head); insertion: By common tendon into olecranon process of ulna
Anconeus action
Abducts ulna during forearm pronation; synergist of triceps brachii in elbow extension
Anconeus innervation
Radial nerve
Posterior origin and insertion
origin: Origin; insertion: Insertion
Triceps Brachii action
Powerful forearm extensor (prime mover: particularly medial head); antagonist of forearm flexors; long head tendon may help stabilize shoulder joint and assist in arm adduction
Triceps Brachii innervation
Radial nerve
Coracobrachialis origin and insertion
origin: Coracoid process of scapula; insertion: Medial surface of humerus shaft
Posterior action
Posterior innervation
Teres Major origin and insertion
origin: Posterior surface of scapula at inferior angle; insertion: Crest of lesser tubercle on anterior humerus; insertion tendon fused with that of latissimus dorsi
Coracobrachialis action
Flexion and adduction of the humerus; synergist of pectoralis major
Coracobrachialis innervation
Musculocutaneous nerve
Teres Minor origin and insertion
origin: Lateral border of dorsal scapular surface; insertion: Greater tubercle of humerus inferior to infraspinatus insertion
Teres Major action
Extends, medially rotates, and adducts humerus; synergist of latissimus dorsi
Teres Major innervation
Lower subscapular nerve
Infraspinatus origin and insertion
origin: Infraspinous fossa of scapula; insertion: Greater tubercle of humerus posterior to insertion of supraspinatus
Teres Minor action
Helps to hold head of humerus in glenoid cavity; rotates humerus laterally

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