Glossary of American History Test 3

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Articles of Confederation [early stages]
created 13 independent nations, unicameral congress, each state has one vote
Trouble Under the Articles of Confederation
1. England still has troops in America
2. Spain shut down the mississippi river
*** shows the aOFc is weak and poopy.
Shays Rebellion
1,200 farmers rebelled over a tax in mass.
Phillidelphia Convention
1. 55 delegates from all 13 states [all wealthy and educated]
2. GW named president of convention
3. Ben f. preposed they open every meeting in prayer
4. James Madison [father of consttution] preposed they write a new constitution and scrap a of c.
5. Not there- Thomas Jefferson & Patrick Henry oppose the constituion.
Tree of Liberty
Showed the fear the people has about having a president
SLAVES [south]
* south argued slaves were people [people = more representation]
* south did not want slaves to be considered property [no taxes]
SLAVES [north]
* slaves are property
* shouldnt count for representation
3/5ths compromise
slaves will count 3/5ths for representation and taxation
Virginia Plan
2 houses of congress [bicameral]
both houses based on population
New Jersey Plan
1 House congress
each state has equal representation

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