Glossary of Airway Care - Drugs Kettering

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What drugs are used for intubation
A Atropine for Bradycardia
L Lidocaine for PVC's
I Isuprel for Bradycardia
E Epinephrine for Asystole
N Narcan for Narcotic OD
V Valium/Versed
How do you give drugs down the ET tube
Double the dose, then flush with 10 mL of saline
What are the front door bronchodilators
Metaproterenol 0.3 mL
Albuterol 0.5 (Tremors)
Terbutaline 0.5
Bitolterol 1.25
What are the back door bronchodilators
-Atropine Sulfate (Do not give to asthmatics or with dried secretions)
- Ipratropium Bromide (Atrovent)
- Glycopyrrolate
What are the side door bronchodilators (Xanthine)
Theophylline srugs
What are other front door bronchodilators
epinephrine, isoproterenol, isoetharine, metaproterenol
What is acetylcysteine and how is it given
It is a mucopytic. The drug is given as 3 or 4 cc of 10-20% acetylcysteine and should always be given with a bronchodilator
What is hypertonic saline and what is it used for
1.8-15% saline. Used for sputum specimens
What is cromolyn sodium and when is it used
It inhibits histamine release. It prevents an asthma attack but should not be given during an attack
What are the corticosteroids
They end in some. Beclamethasone (Vanceril is common). Have patient rinse mouth as thrush is common
What sequence should you give drugs in
1. Beta 2 (albuterol)
2. Anticholinergic (atrovent)
3. Ateroid (azmacort

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