Glossary of Air Masses and Fronts

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air mass
huge body of air in the troposphere that has similar pressure, moisture, wind and temperature characteristics throughout.
source region
where an air mass forms that give characteristics to the air
maritime air mass
air masses that develop over water are moist
continental air mass
dry air
polar air mass
air mass developed at high latitudes that are cold
tropical air mass
lower latitude air mass that are warm
cyclones and anticyclones
air masses which differ in air pressure at center and direction in which winds spiral.
a low pressure air mass with winds moving in a clockwise direction in towards its center
a high pressure air-mass with winds moving in a clockwise direction away from center
its the boundary between two air masses
warm fronts
form when warm air meets and rises above cool air on the ground
cold front
occurs when cold air meets and pushes out warm air
clouds that are associated with thunderstorms, come quickly and brings precipitation for a short time
occluded front
occurs when a faster moving cold fontcatches up to a warm front and lifts warm air between two fronts
stationary front
occurs when a warm airm mass and cold mass are side-by-side with neither air-mass moving

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