Glossary of Africa plsc 371 midterm terms

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SAP - zambia and ghana
Mobutu - Zaire
Berg Report
cut the fat - IMF WB
Choiceless democracies
Mkandawire - IMF WB
mobutu - Zaire
concentrated vs diffuse benefits
govt jobs - zambia
Debt Service
stuck paying interest bc purchasing power down - Ghana
Democratic consolidation
NDC loses - Ghana
Effective Occupation
King of Belgium - Congo
Hegemonic exchange
stability through bargaining - Uganda
hinterland states
land-locked - Ethiopia
indirect rule
tutsi chiefs - Rwanda - Belgium
reunite somalis - Somalia
Jerry Rawlings
Democratic Coups 1979 - Ghana
personal rule - Zaire
National Conference
sovereign group, elects new leader - Benin
orthodox paradox
bad reforms - Zambia 86,91
paradox of plenty
cocoa and cannibalism - Eq Guinea
parallel markets
cocoa - ghana
ghost workers - cameroon
resource curse
rents/ oil - nigeria
Self Enclosure
subsistence farming -
Sovereignty expenditures
increase cabinet size - gabon
Tax Displacement
Ignore citizens - nigeria
Terms of Traide
coffee - Eq Guinea?

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