Glossary of Achilles (Axilleus) Info

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Achilles Father and mother are?
Peleus was his father and Thetis was his mother.
Achilles is a hero! Which war is he a hero of?
Achilles is a hero of the Trojan War, the greatest of them.
Achilles stands for...?
"Grief to an army" He was always bad for the enemy!
Achilles was a king. Which race and kingdom was he of?
He was king of Phthia, kingdom of Myrmidons.
One of the most renowned books has Achilles in it. Which one was it and whom was it written by?
The Iliad, by the famous poet(?) Homer.
What happens to Achilles during the Iliad?
Agamemmnon steals his 'girl' Briseis.
How does Achilles feel about Briseis being taken?
He is angered and decides not to fight.
Someone else wants to lead the Myrmidons to victory! Who is it?
Patroculus is then killed. By whom is he killed?
What is the next and most important event in the Trojan War?
Achilles kills Hector out of rage.
Achilles's upbringing all started with one person. Who?
Chiron the centaur.
How was Achilles made mostly immortal?
He was dipped into the River Styx.
Achilles was hidden. Where, and as whom?
As a girl is Bycomedes court.

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