Glossary of Acheter

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to buy
i buy
you buy (s)
tu achètes
he/she buys
il/elle/on achète
we buy
nous achetons
you buy (pl)
vous achetez
they buy
ils/elles achètent
i bought
j'ai acheté
you bought (s)
tu as acheté
he/she bought
il/elle/on a acheté
we bought
nous avons acheté
you bought (pl)
vous avez acheté
they bought
ils/elles ont acheté
i was buying
you were buying (s)
tu achetais
he/she was buying
il/elle/on achetait
we were buying
nous achetions
you were buying (pl)
vous achetiez
they were buying
ils/elles achetaient
i will buy
you will buy (s)
tu achèteras
he/she will buy
il/elle/on achètera
we will buy
nous achèterons
you will buy (pl)
vous achèterez
they will buy
ils/elles achèteront

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