Glossary of Abeka History 7 - Chapter 1, bold words

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Means origin or beginning. The most reliable source for what we know about the beginning of world history.
Name means man
Name means mother of all
Man's three special characteristics
1. Language and thought
2. Awareness of the difference between right and wrong
3. Freedom to make choices
the belief that man was not created directly by God but instead "evolved" from the animals
Putting man in place of or above God
Son of Adam and Eve; he killed his brother Abel in a fit of jealousy and hatred.
The first man killed
the way of life of a group of people (the most important aspect is how people relate to God)
He bragged openly of killing a man who had wounded him and a boy who had merely struck him.
Son of Adam and Eve; born after Abel was killed and Cain was banished from the Garden. His descendants were aware of sin and inclined to repent.
Mt. Ararat
After the flood, Noah's ark came to rest on this mountain in Turkey.
capital punishment
The death penalty
Noah's three sons
Shem, Ham, and Japeth
Also called Sumer, the plain where the survivors of the flood settled.
A descendant of Noah's son Ham who became the ruler of eight cities, including Babel. He had the reputation of being a mighty hunter and rebel against God.
Where a tower was being built to reach far into the sky. God miraculously confused the language of this city and the people dispersed across the earth
A large group of people who think of themselves as one and act in history as a unit

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