Glossary of AVS lab anatomy and phys. final

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Where is the crossing over of the optic nerves?
optic chiasma
Where are the hills and raised areas in the brain?
Where are the valley or depressed areas in the brain?
What are the halves of the cerebrum called?
What part of the brain causes sneezing, blinking and salivation, etc?
medulla oblongata
What causes rage and temperature regulation in the brain?
What are the coverings of the brain called?
Where does rait and gait occur in the brain?
What causes the communication between the hemispheres of the brain?
corpus collasum
Where does seasonality; and production of melatonin occur in the brain?
pineal body
Where are alpha motor neurons located?
individual extrafusal muscle fibers
How many terminals are there per muscle cell?
1 terminal

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